2012 speakers

23 Feb

I acquired 4 of these in 2008. I genuinely can't trust they are as yet being sold as the present model following 7 years. I would prescribe them. It's not frequently that you get an audit with 7 years of utilization.

They held up simply approve as I would see it. No issues until about year 4 of proprietorship. Perhaps the speaker was refined since I purchased my set, however the tops are entirely corroded in an auto application, it was a fresh out of the box new auto as well. One mid-run top tumbled off, weld let free, and I found the top dangling. I've needed to repair 3 of the 4 speakers, once in a while numerous circumstances, yet I've likely finished driven them a couple of those circumstances, so I wouldn't reprimand Polk for those issues. Repairs comprised of magnets moving and bolting curls to weld focuses breaking. I was constantly ready to settle the issues myself, however I totalled my auto half a month prior, and one has a bowed loop now. I will attempt a 3 way Pioneer this time around. I will alter this survey just to think about the SQ later.

I put the terrible stuff first on the grounds that numerous audits depend on restricted utilize. Presently onto the great.

The speakers were never opened up with an outside amp. Some of the time I wish I would have in light of the fact that they were underpowered. I utilized a Pioneer DEH-4000UB for a long time, and now a Pioneer DEH-80PRS.

OMG the 80PRS is so great btw.

SQ out of the speakers was great. I have heard that these speakers are truly outstanding at sub $100 value point that are non-segment. I'd need to concur subsequent to hearing Infinity, Kicker, and Sony 2 way.

On my old Head Unit, I noticed the mid tones were difficult to hear, however the new head unit made the speakers so full and itemized.

Thus, I would exceptionally prescribe these, and who knows, I may wind up lamenting purchasing something different this time around. I will tell you.

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